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The news collective: a history and some info on each of us

Charles M. Young grew up in Waukesha and Madison, Wisconsin. He went to Macalester College where he was the worst player on a football team that lost all its games in his senior year by an aggregate score of 312-46 and that went on to set the NCAA record for consecutive losses. Getting his ass kicked relentlessly on the gridiron prepared Young well for his unlucrative career in freelance writing, which began at the Columbia Graduate School of Journalism. It was there he met Dave Lindorff, founder of and the only other member of the Class of ’75 who might have an even more unlucrative career than Young.

Three days before graduating from the j-school, Young entered the Rolling Stone College Journalism Contest, which he won. This led to a bad case of tinnitus and many profiles of famous musicians, ranging from the Sex Pistols to the Eagles to the Who to the Butthole Surfers to Jerry Lee Lewis, most of whom can't hear very well either. He has interviewed Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn and Beavis & Butt-Head.

Charles M. YoungCharles M. Young

Young has played bass for his rock & roll band, the Schmoes, since the Van Hise Junior High Halloween Party in 1965. He has also played bass for the Dry Heaves and Iron Prostate. In recent years, he has taken up fingerstyle guitar and can play an almost passable version of “Meat Shakin’ Woman” by Blind Boy Fuller.

“Dave, John, Linn and I are just the guys to bring down the American Empire and make a towering crapload of money in the process,” says Young. “We’re gonna make the New Journalism new all over again, and all the other blogs can eat crumbs from our table.”

Lori Spencer is a veteran journalist from Austin, Texas. Over the past 25 years, her work has appeared in numerous local newspapers, national magazines, news portals and blogs.

Also a well-known musician and recording artist, Lori writes about politics under a pen name so that her band's Republican fans won't throw tomatoes at the stage.

The newest member of the ThisCantBeHappening! collective, Lori came to us in early October 2011 after the mega media corporation she worked for laid off 7,000 workers. Overnight, she found herself amongst the growing throngs of the 99% – just as the Occupy Movement was getting underway.

Lori SpencerLori Spencer

Lori's dream assignment was to travel from one Occupy camp to another and report on what's happening out yonder in the American heartland. She packed up her three-bedroom house, put all her furniture in storage, and hit the road. Look for more of Lori's traveling occupy journals on TCBH! over the months ahead. She will also be covering women's issues, the environment, history, politics, the arts and popular culture during her travels.


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Live Stream of the Occupation of Wall Street! The Revolution will be filmed after all! (Courtesy of Globalrevolution)

Fightin' Cock FlyerFightin' Cock Flyer

Listen as Chuck, John, Dave and Linn Join Prairie Radical Mike Caddell of the Fightin' Cock Flyer on Radio Free Kansas

Here's the link to prairie radio radical Mike Caddell's Radio Free Kansas program, where you can hear the podcast of the whole group interview that was conducted on Saturday, May 8.

Also, listen to Dave Lindorff on Chris Cook's Gorilla Radio on CFEV Radio in Victoria, Canada.

Donate $50 to and get a free signed copy, postage paid, of Dave's classic tome The Case for Impeachment (St. Martin's Press, 2006). Just click on the cover image to go to the Paypal payment page, make your payment, and send a note to Dave calling his attention to the payment, and giving your mail address and the name you want the inscription addressed to.


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