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Mister Fracker and America go for a walk one day


Fracker: It’s just over there on the other side of these trees.
America: What’s that noxious odor I smell upon the breeze?

F: That smell is giving away the surprise.
A: Oh, well, I’ll just close my eyes.

F: See? We pump all this crap into the well
and out comes gas, which we sell.

A: Does this industry make jobs for Maggie and Josh?
F: Good American kids will do “Anything for cash.”

A: Will we be sickened by the chemicals we drink?
F: Not if we don’t see them. What do you think!

A: I’m looking at all those pipes and tanks and flat-bed trucks.
F: Basically it all just injects and sucks.

A: It’s like a high school project, so random.
F: Is that a problem? Sometimes it leaks
but the main thing is the honey.
The gas is just our product but it’s all about the money.

A: I’m with you there. Can I call you “brother”?
I feel as if we were raised by the same loving mother.

F: If you mean mother-capitalism, as I think you do,
we have the same absentee father too!

A: Is this a new age or what? Your illusions are profound.
Your vision gives me wings; I float above the ground.

F: Yes, we can do anything we want, ‘long as it’s out of sight.
A: Just get rid of that smell. Ha! Makes me tight.
-- Gary Lindorff


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Fightin' Cock FlyerFightin' Cock Flyer

Listen as Chuck, John, Dave and Linn Join Prairie Radical Mike Caddell of the Fightin' Cock Flyer on Radio Free Kansas

Here's the link to prairie radio radical Mike Caddell's Radio Free Kansas program, where you can hear the podcast of the whole group interview that was conducted on Saturday, May 8.

Also, listen to Dave Lindorff on Chris Cook's Gorilla Radio on CFEV Radio in Victoria, Canada.

Donate $50 to and get a free signed copy, postage paid, of Dave's classic tome The Case for Impeachment (St. Martin's Press, 2006). Just click on the cover image to go to the Paypal payment page, make your payment, and send a note to Dave calling his attention to the payment, and giving your mail address and the name you want the inscription addressed to.


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