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4/20 partying in Denver and Washington, Dark Ages still in PA and NJ

Marijuana Special Report: Facts & Fallacies


They partied in mile-high Denver Sunday, but there would be no legal observances marking the special April 20 holiday in Pennsylvania and much of the country still mired in a pot-fearing 'Dark Ages' of the expensive, ineffective War on Weed.

There were, nonetheless, 4/20 ‘happenings’ around the nation on April 20 and/or at 4:20pm. And, this year those ‘happenings’ have a heightened interest due to major changes on marijuana from full legalization in Colorado and Washington State to public opinion polls consistently showing overwhelming support for ending the expensive and ineffective War on Weed.

4/20 marijuana legalization protester photographs police on the lookout for drug users at Philadelphia's Liberty Bell protestGive us liberty...and legal weed: 4/20 marijuana legalization protester photographs police on the lookout for drug users at Philadelphia's Liberty Bell protest

Disgraced former U.S. President Richard Nixon, forced to resign from office for serious misdeeds, launched the War on Weed months before the 1972 release of the report from his presidential commission that studied the drug. One major conclusion of that commission was to decriminalize marijuana. The Schafer Commission was chaired Raymond Schafer, an ex-governor of Pennsylvania whose credentials included being a former federal prosecutor, a conservative and a Republican. Members of that Schafer Commission included two U.S. Senators and one Congressman – persons who were not ‘stoners’ in tie-dye tee shirts.

TCBH takes a 4/20 look at marijuana, particularly examining developments in the state Ray Schafer once governed. This special package includes articles by Abigail Ferenczy, Olivia La Bianca and Michelle Kapusta.

Denver was the epicenter of a national Pot Party on 4/20Denver was the epicenter of a national Pot Party on 4/20

The most pernicious misbeliefs about marijuana have been repeatedly proven false by authoritative studies conducted under the auspices of governmental authorities. However, those scientifically based study results debunking the professed dangers of ‘pot’ are persistently rejected by elected officials and law enforcement authorities intent on maintaining the destructive prohibition on pot.

The federal government first outlawed marijuana in 1937, ironically just four years after the federal government ended its failed prohibition on the sale and use of alcohol.

Marijuana is a ‘Gateway’ drug:

“The practice of smoking marijuana does not lead to addiction in the medical sense of the word…Use of marijuana does not lead to morphine or heroin or cocaine addiction…”
- 1944 report from the New York Academy of Medicine conducted at the request of the then New York City Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia.


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Fightin' Cock FlyerFightin' Cock Flyer

Listen as Chuck, John, Dave and Linn Join Prairie Radical Mike Caddell of the Fightin' Cock Flyer on Radio Free Kansas

Here's the link to prairie radio radical Mike Caddell's Radio Free Kansas program, where you can hear the podcast of the whole group interview that was conducted on Saturday, May 8.

Also, listen to Dave Lindorff on Chris Cook's Gorilla Radio on CFEV Radio in Victoria, Canada.

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