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Killing the First Amendment in Dealey Plaza:

JFK Assassination 50th Anniversary and the Eyes of Texas (Pt. II)


“This is content based denial of free speech in a public park and at a designated historic site. Dealey Plaza belongs to history and to the American people, especially on the 50th anniversary.”

-- John Judge, executive director of the Coalition on Political Assassinations

DALLAS -– In Part One of this series on the JFK 50th Anniversary, I covered a two-year battle between the City of Dallas and Kennedy assassination researchers/activists over a fundamental question. Who had the right to use Dealey Plaza on November 22: the people, or the elite? (The elite won that war, of course, but not without some significant losses in the court of public opinion.)

The battle was fought in the press, in the courtroom, and today it was going to be fought in the streets of Dallas.

The mutual distrust and tension between these opposing forces had come to a boil, despite what appeared on the surface to be an uneasy truce made a week before the November 22 ceremonies. The City of Dallas only gave these last-minute concessions to avoid what would have no doubt been an embarrassing and costly lawsuit threatened by the Coalition on Political Assassinations (COPA).

“Half of my members wanted to go to court, and half wanted to take the mayor’s offer.” said COPA executive director John Judge. Ultimately, Judge chose the most diplomatic solution, in keeping with the legacy of President Kennedy.
 Noted JFK conspiracy author and expert Robert Groden holds court in Dealey Plaza.Nov. 21: Noted JFK conspiracy author and expert Robert Groden holds court in Dealey Plaza.

Keeping it unreal in Dallas

JFK 50th Anniversary: The Eyes of Texas, Pt. I


I once did know a President
A way down South, in Texas.
And, always, everywhere he went,
He saw the Eyes of Texas.

The Eyes of Texas are upon you, all the livelong day.
The Eyes of Texas are upon you, you cannot get away.
Do not think you can escape them
At night or early in the morn
The Eyes of Texas are upon you 'til Gabriel blows his horn.

Sing me a song of Prexy, of days long since gone by.
Again I seek to greet him, and hear his kind reply.
Smiles of gracious welcome
Before my memory rise,
Again I hear him say to me, "Remember Texas' Eyes."

"The Eyes of Texas" by John Sinclair, 1903

(This was the last song JFK ever heard. President Kennedy was serenaded by the Texas Boys Choir in Ft. Worth on the final morning of his life.)

 CBS evening news anchor Harry Reasoner displays the grisly headline. Nov. 22, 1963.Nov 22 1963: CBS evening news anchor Harry Reasoner displays the grisly headline.

Even in Los Angeles

Gentle Things


            In brutish, crass, profanity-spitting L.A., in developer-ravaged $2500-a-month “elegant density” L.A., in have-and-have-not ethnically separated L.A., in get-out-of-my-way-asshole, hit-and-run texting-and-primping-while-driving L.A. . . .

            Gentle things still happen.

            She sat at the front table at Papa Cristo’s, the Greek place at Pico and Normandie in the so-called Byzantine-Latino Quarter. Across the street from St. Sofia’s Greek Orthodox Cathedral and St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, or, more appropriately considering that masses come with mariachis, Iglesia Santo Tomas Apostol.

            “This is excellent!” she said, and, really, it was amazing she could say anything at all, let alone in a clear, commanding voice. The withered and dry autumn leaves on the sycamore trees in the neighborhood were stronger. This was, to be indelicate, a corpse that hadn’t gotten around to officially dying. Stick limbs, prune skin, sunken cheeks. Talk about frailty, thy name is woman. . .

            “Okay, Babe,” said her companion, a young guy with brown curls pulled back in a pony tail. “I’ve got you.” And he steadied her as he removed her walker, and then helped her ease into a wooden chair at one of Papa Cristo’s wobbly tables. She didn’t seem comfortable.

            “Does your butt hurt?” said her companion.

            What butt, I wondered. Nothing there but bones.

Esther Cicconi, lifetime Communist and icon of LA's left fringe, says 'hello, not goodbye'Esther Cicconi, lifetime Communist and icon of LA's left fringe, says 'hello, not goodbye'

Protesting pot prohibition while black

Angered by Racist Prosecutions, Activist Shocks With Inflammatory Name Change Request

  Ed Forchion, recognized as America’s foremost black marijuana legalization activist, freely admits that he “agitates” people – powerful people from prosecutors to politicians and even more mainstream anti-pot prohibition advocates who bristle at his antics.

The activism of Forchion, often outrageous like his March 2000 stunt of smoking a marijuana joint inside the New Jersey State Assembly chamber while dressed in bold black and white stripped jailhouse garb, has drawn praise and prison terms.

Forchion’s activism has produced a few legal victories like a February 2003 federal court ruling enhancing Free Speech rights for all pot legalization advocates. That ruling also freed Forchion from a prison stint arising from his clash with NJ probation authorities over their demands that he stop publicly criticizing Drug War racism.

Forchion’s imprisonments during the past year arising from yet another pot possession conviction triggerd him to pursue perhaps his most bodacious act to date, another attempt to formally change his name, this time seeking a name change to: Just a Nigger.

Protesting for pot legalization gets him treated like "Just a Nigger" so Ed Forchion is making that his name (click photo to goProtesting for pot legalization gets him treated like "Just a Nigger" so Ed Forchion is making that his name (click photo to visit his website)

We did it again!:

TCHB! Wins Another Project Censored Award

ThisCantBeHappening! just into its fourth year of publication, has learned that we have won our fourth Project Censored Award, this time for Dave Lindorff's article Incidents raise suspicions on motive: Killing of Journalists by US Forces a Growing Problem, published in TCBH! on Nov. 22, 1012.

In a press release headlined The News that Didn't Make the News, announcing release of this year's book on the year's most censored news, Censored 2014, Project Censored writes that the Committee to Protect Journalist had noted that the killing of journalists had risen 40% in 2012 over 2011, and had published a risk list of the most dangerous places to work as a journalist (Brazil, Turkey, Pakistan, Russia, and Ecuador topped the list), and went on to say:

"The New York Times ran a story on the CPJ report on February 15, 2013, noting the alarming rise in the number of journalists killed and imprisoned during 2012. However, the Times’ report did not address the possible UN resolution or freedom of press as a transnational right.

"Dave Lindorff, of ThisCantBeHappening!, writes that 'the incidence of journalists killed by US forces in recent US conflicts has been much, much greater than it ever was in earlier wars, such as the one in Vietnam, or in Korea or World War II,' begging the question of whether some of the deaths have been 'deliberate, perhaps with the intent of keeping journalists in line.'"

We're proud to be operating a collectively-run news organization that, despite its small size (just a crew of seven) and limited resources (our annual budget approaches $4000!), we are averaging one Project Censored award per year, so far.

TCHB! wins a fourth Project Censored Award, and publication in this year's list of the top 25 censored stories of 2012-13 (clickTCHB! wins a fourth Project Censored Award, and publication in this year's list of the top 25 censored stories of 2012-13 (click on image to buy the book)

Hey Kids! News that's nutritious and hardhitting, delivered right to your phone

ThisCantBeHappening! is Finally Ready for the Small Screen


Great News! After three years stuck on computer screens, ThisCantBeHappening! has been refigured to both load faster, and to be viewed on smartphone screens.

Now you don't have to wait until you are at your computer to get the latest honest take on the most important news. You can just go to your iPhone or Android phone and check us out.

If you're not a subscriber, send us your email (we have a secure list, except of course for the NSA, over which we have no control, sadly, and will never share or sell your information). You'll get an email (no attachments ever), with a link to click that will bring you straight to the latest story posted.

ThisCantBeHappening! It IS happening.
Here's our new look on smartphonesHere's our new look on smartphones

Real journalism is not free:

It's Time for Our Readers to Step Up and Suppport ThisCantBeHappening!

We are proud to announce that ThisCantBeHappening!, on the eve of its anniversary for completing three years of publication, that we have passed the 3.5 million mark of readers visiting this news site. That's a 50% increase over last year, and a sign that we are really being valued for what we are doing. It's also just a small fraction of the people who are getting our news reports, analysis and commentary, since most of our articles are picked up and run by sites like Counterpunch, Common Dreams, OpEd News, Smirking Chimp,, etc. We are also linked to by many sites, from to to DissidentVoice. Add 'em all up and we're probably reaching half a million readers a month.

Make a $50 donation and get this great all-cotton T-shirt as a gift!Send us $5, or make a $50 donation and get this great all-cotton T-shirt as a gift!

The reason: where else can you find a report about how the FBI Houston Office had information about a plot by an "identified" organization that planned to use photo surveillence to tag the leaders of Occupy Houston, and then use "suppressed sniper fire" to execute them, but then did nothing about it? Where else can you learn that the Obama White House was notified by Turkish forensics experts that American 19-year-old peace activist Furkan Dogan had been murdered at point blank range by Israeli commandos in their shipboard raid of a Gaza Peace flotilla, but hid that report from the American public? Where else can you learn that the federal government paid journalists in Miami to trash five Cuban's on trial for espionage so as to help win a conviction? Where else can you get the kind of inside reporting on the Occupy Wall Street action that we had from Manhattan TCBH! journalist Chuck Young?

Okay so we know you appreciate the uniqueness of what we are doing, but what we don't understand is why ya'll don't fork over a little money to help us do better. There is a core of people who regularly pony up anywhere from $5 to $50 to support us, but it's a small group. We appreciate what they do, but our model was to have every reader send in $5 per year. That is a tiny contribution. About what you spend on three cups of coffee (one fancy coffee at Starbucks!) or half a movie. It can be made by sending cash, or a check made out to Dave Lindorff/TCBH at POB 846, Ambler, PA 19002, or by clicking on the Paypal button at the top of this page.

If even half of the roughly 100,000 people who are regular readers of this site each give that $5 annual donation, we in the TCBH! Collective would all be able to devote full time to this endeavor of bringing you the news that even the rest of the alternative media ignore.

So to those of you who are not supporting us, but who keep reading our work, why aren't you sending us that little but important donation?

Please make this model of journalism a success! At a time that a fascist cult of secrecy and police-state spying threatens to overwhelm our democracy, we need fearless journalism, and that is what ThisCantBeHappening! is offering.

For all our sakes, support us!

Thank you!
The TCBH! Collective

'Censored' Inadvertently Out of the 'Censored 2013' Book!

Two ThisCantBeHappening! Members Win Project Censored Awards


In a late but happy surprise, ThisCantBeHappening! has learned that two of its founding members, Dave Lindorff and Linn Washington, Jr., were winners of a pair of this year's Project Censored awards.

 Maybe not 'one for the book' but making waves just the sameDave Lindorff and Linn Washington: Maybe not 'ones for the book,' but making waves just the same


Each year Project Censored's judges select the 25 issues that they believe were most censored or poorly reported on by the corporate media. More than one news organization or writer can win an award in any particular story category. For some reason, both Dave's and Linn's stories, though selected by the judges, were left out of the group of winners listed in the organization's annual book, Censored 2013, but today Project Censored Director Mickey Huff discovered the oversight and corrected it, listing and linking both articles by the two journalists on the organization's website.

Linn's winnng piece reported on how Wachovia Bank had knowingly laundered millions of dollars of cartel drug money, but when caught by federal regulators, was only hit with a fine, and no criminal charges, with its executives skating free. He made the key point that at the same time, thousands of people caught with a small quantity of drugs for their own use are languishing in the nation's prison. The article was titled Too Big to Do Time?: Fed Wrist-slap for Wachovia Bank Makes a Farce of the Drug War. It ran in this publication last May 27.

Dave's award was for an article that appeared first in the online edition of The Nation magazine. Titled Colleges Withhold Transcripts from Grads in Loan Default, it ran on March 30, 2012.

To view the Project Censored award pages for these articles, you can go here and here.

ThisCantBeHappening! now can claim four Project Censored awards, which is not bad for a little news organization that has no budget, can't pay its writers, depends upon donations from its readers, and has been banned by Truthout!. (Earlier awards, both won by Dave, were for an article about government planning preparations for restoring the draft and an article exposing US military use of depleted uranium munitions in the 2011 air attacks on Gaddafy troops in Libya.)

The Project Censored Awards are honors, but don't come with any cash. We'd like to suggest that our readers help us celebrate by sending us some financial support, which is badly needed here at TCBH!. You can use the Paypal button on the right of the masthead, or send a check made out to "Dave Lindorff/TCBH" at POB 846, Ambler, PA 19002. (We'll probably blow the first donation on a bottle of champaign or a few bottles of beer to celebrate, but the rest will go straight into subsidizing our journalism work at TCBH!)

Banned by Truthout (sic):

Why You Should Consider Donating to Support ThisCantBeHappening! (and not Truthout!)


Have you even noticed that you don't see articles from ThisCantBeHappening! running on the Truthout site?

There's a reason for this. Truthout, over a year ago, decided to ban this publication from its pages.

They took this ridiculous and incredibly lacking-in-alternative-media-solidarity step not because our work is flawed. Not because we had made some embarrassing mistake. Not even because we demanded payment for their use of our work.

No. They banned us because I had the temerity to question their news judgement when they ignored some breaking stories that we wrote and published.

bannedThisCantBeHappening!, for news you can't find at Truthout!

Capitalism and Mental Illness: Back to the Future?


A 21st century psychotherapist steps into a time machine and comes out in Atlanta in 1855. Having no other marketable skills, he hangs out a shingle and promises new remedies for mental illness. A well-dressed gentleman knocks on the door and inquires if the psychotherapist might come to his plantation to examine the slaves.

“Most of them are well satisfied with their position and work hard within their natural limitations,” says the gentleman. “But a few appear to suffer most severely with drapetomania, dipsomania and dyaesthesia aethiopica. Even after whippings, they continue to defy my rules, either by subterfuge or outright defiance. I do not understand their affliction, which is cause for much suffering among them and financial losses for myself.”

After looking up drapetomania (compulsive running away), dipsomania (compulsive drinking) and dyaesthesia aethiopica (compulsive avoidance of work) in the latest journals of negro behavior, the psychotherapist goes to the plantation and convinces the psychotic slaves to talk with him for 50 minutes each week.

“I think I know what the problem is,” says the psychotherapist after a few months of research. “Your slaves had unhappy childhoods because they come from dysfunctional families. Their parents were often absent and even when they were around, they didn’t appreciate their children for their true selves. In some sense, your slaves are living in the past, acting out childhood fear and anger that is deeply buried in the unconscious.”

“And what do you recommend as a remedy?” says the gentleman.

“The best psychology has to offer right now is continued brutalization, on the theory that their race is incapable of deeper insight,” says the psychotherapist. “I think the evidence  indicates that re-traumatizing the already traumatized is ineffective for a small number of stubborn cases, as you have discovered. For the stubborn cases, I would suggest another form of therapy...”

If the 21st century psychotherapist was Freudian, he might now recommend years of talk therapy for the slaves until they had a clear understanding of their parents and siblings.

If the psychotherapist was Jungian, he might recommend dream journals and more creative outlets for the slaves so they could get insight from active imagination.


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